Roku Com Link Activation & Support

Roku is a device that you can connect to your television and you will get full entertainment. It allows you to access all your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, news and much more from all over the world. It has more than 2000 channels and it’s not restricted to any country or language in order to play the stuff. If you can watch TV for free or just by paying for your favorite channel NETFLIX then why you should pay a big bill for the dish or cable subscription.

As per the popularity and demand of the Roku device in US people, many television companies have launched many models of their Television with built in Roku. It means now if you go for the tv which has built-in Roku then you don’t even need to spend an extra dollar for buying a new Roku device.

When you buy a new Roku device then you can read on the box itself “it’s very simple to setup or it’s just a 3 steps away” it means you just need to connect the Roku to the TV, connect your TV to the internet and activate it by entering the activation code at  and its ready to go.

BUT when you bring the device at home then the scenario is different. If you are not a tech savvy then sometimes it can be hard for you even the setup of Roku device. I will explain to you how you can setup your Roku device and activate it on this page later. First, let me tell you the basic requirements for using a Roku device and what Roku model you should go for.

Looking for

Basic setup of Roku Player

  • A Standard Or HD LED/LCD TV (if you have standard TV without HDMI port then go for ROKU 1)
  • An HDMI Cable to connect your ROKU box with your Television. If you have a standard TV then you need RCA cables.
  • An Internet Connection (If you don’t have Wifi then go for Roku 2 which supports Ethernet Connection)
  • A Router which will send the internet to your Roku device
  • Router Security Key or Password to connect you Roku player with WiFi
  • A PC, Laptop, Phone or tablet to activate and setting up your Roku player by visiting
  • If you are using Roku stick then you don’t need HDMI cable or RCA cable you can directly connect the stick to your TV in the HDMI port.
  • If you want to buy new Roku player then you can visit
  • If you want to compare different models then please visit

Activation of ROKU Player by visiting and enter code:

This ROKUCOMLINK.COM website will help you with Roku activation and setup process. As per you, this process is very easy.  But there are so many people who don’t remember their WiFi password after talking with their internet people, they get the router password and connect Roku box with the internet.

But the main trouble starts after that when you ask them to activate your Roku- from PC, tablet or Phone go to WWW.ROKU.COM/LINK and enter this code and ACTIVATION CODE appears below. These days when you go to PC and search for anything on the internet then you find different links and so many advertisements that make the customer confuse. Where and how to enter the code? Most of the people don’t even find the right place to enter the code. If you want to learn the setup process of ROKU Box then read the article below or you can call us also. Our experts will help you with this process and will teach you how you can add free stuff.

Steps that you need to follow to do the setup:

  1. Connect your Roku Player with Your Standard or HD LED/LCD TV
  2. Pick your TV remote, Press Source/Input button and select HDMI 1, 2 or 3 wherever Roku is connected to your TV HDMI Port.
  3. Now select the English Language on your TV.
  4. Select the option “Connect to a Network” and Select Wireless.
  5. Find your wireless Name/SSID and Select it from the list.
  6. Put your Wireless Router Password/Security Key.
  7. Upgrade your Roku Software.
  8. Go to WWW.ROKU.COM/LINK on your Computer and activate your Roku Player by entering the given code.
  9. After entering the activation code at Roku com link website it will ask you if you already have a Roku account or you want to create a new Roku account. If you already have a Roku account then you can use that otherwise you will have to create a new Roku account in order to complete the setup process?
  10. The screen will automatically update after setup is complete from the PC.
  11. Now you are ready to stream movies and TV Shows. Press OK button, Go to HOME and access Netflix or any other channel.
  12. If you want to use NETFLIX then go to HOME and Select Netflix.
  13. Select an option Yes you are a member of Netflix (If you are)
  14. Now Put your Netflix Email address.
  15. Now put your Netflix Password.

Now you are ready to go. Start Happy Streaming & Stay connected with us by visiting